Hey Michael, your intoxicating vocals are well received and your music helps build an optimistic state of mind. Your new release You're Not Alone has a high viral coefficient and your music video has several additive elements to it. Fans shared your music 1,577 times on Twitter thus far and your video gets addictive at 3:28 sec because majority of people who reach this point will finish the entire 5:10 minute video. Now has 426,022 views on YouTube. ” - Angie Wells

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On “Tell Me You Love Me,” Stosic’s soulful voice is beautifully captured by the sleek production; it’s as smooth as molasses. “Easy Come Easy Go” is gorgeously rendered adult pop, its acoustic prettiness blending effortlessly with the sublime piano. On “If You Ever Change Your Mind,” Stosic easily recalls Boz Scaggs while shimmering keyboards offer a transcendent uplift to “Can’t Run from Love.” Stosic has quite a voice, brimming with passion and real emotion. His silky crooning on “Be Easy Love” will have hearts melting.” - Stacey Zering

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“Over time, nearly 2000 fm stations in 32 countries have included Michael’s song in weekly rotation. Over time, some of those stations have dropped Michael’s song only to add it back to rotation due to requests from their audiences. It continues to get strong airplay in all the areas of the world that I work with.”” - Dixie McCorkle Triple Strand Productions

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“Michael’s done extremely well with the song. Not many artists get so much airplay with their first release but Welcome Home has been an exception to that rule. It has definitely touched a chord inside the listeners with its inspirational message.”” - Dixie McCorkle Triple Strand Productions

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Michael Stosic of the song “San Juan Island,” released his new single, “The Best Gift,” which is a Christmas song. Stosic, a Nevada native, is an adult contemporary Christian and inspirational country recording artist/singer/songwriter. He was nominated for the 2017 New Music Awards as AC New Artist of the Year by New Music Weekly Magazine. According to a press release, nearly 2,200 radio stations around the world downloaded “San Juan Island” for airplay. The “San Juan Island” music video was also shown at the Friday Harbor Film Festival. ” - The Journal of the San Juan Islands

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American singer-songwriter Michael Stosic, who is currently active in the Gospel/CCM scene, released his first self-titled album in 1982. The original LP is rare and contents wonderful songs that will please "Soft Rock" fans. Sounds featuring brilliant horns, strings and high-level arrangements. From light mellow AOR to light urban boogie and sweet ballads, this is a masterpiece boasting rare music quality that sets it apart from most reissues!” - Arnaud Leger

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Singer/songwriter Michael Stosic has released a gospel-tinged remix of the Christian adult contemporary single, “I Believe.” In his self-penned tune, Stosic–whose voice has been compared to Barry Manilow–steadily and melodically makes his way through a lyrical list of affirmations, both positive and poignant: “I believe in God…I believe He is love… / I believe we live in a world filled with darkness / I believe we can shine love’s light…” ” - Libra Boyd

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The break-up track “Easy Come Easy Go” achieves its melancholic power from its plaintive, mellow piano and Stosic’s warm croon, which is set in front of the mix. The blue-eyed soul and ‘80s gloss of “If You Ever Change Your Mind” is another of the CD’s highlights, recalling the heyday of Hall & Oates. The light funk of “Can’t Say No” and sweeping beauty of “Be Easy Love” cuddle the heart, helping elevate this record to among the year’s finest.” - Eric Taylor

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Michael Stosic is a Reno gem. He's been creating music in the Sierra Nevada since 1986 when he released his first gospel album "Brand New Love." His musical chops and experience are impressive. He is a multi-instrumentalist, a patient studio musician and a brilliant songwriter who embodies a nostalgic 1970's vibe.” - Tony Contini

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