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Gospel Train -

Gospel Train

Including Michael's new hit singles "I Believe (Gospel Remix)" and "He's Alive." This album is Inspirational Country and Gospel Music at it's finest.


He's Alive - Single

He's Alive


This is Michael's new single from the soon to be released album "Gospel Train." Michael wrote this song about the death and resurrection of Jesus as seen through the eyes of Mary Magdalene. It takes you through the pain of Mary watching Jesus take his final breath on the cross, to the empty tomb where two angels declare to Mary "why do you seek the living among the dead, he's alive."

I Believe (Gospel Re-mix) -

I Believe (Gospel Re-mix)

Michael Stosic’s single “I Believe” has been given the gospel touch by Grammy Award nominated singer-songwriter Gordon Chambers. Stosic and Chambers lead a group of gospel singers to take “I Believe” to a truly Inspirational place.

Produced by Pete Mignola at Metrosonic Studios New York.


Walk The Walk -

Walk The Walk

Per Mark Weber's Music Blog: "This is easy listening inspirational Country music at it's best!"

In January of 2016 Michael released his 8th studio album called "Walk The Walk." This album, initially titled "Welcome Home,"  has already charted two hit songs, the song "Welcome Home," a song Michael wrote after his father passed away in May 2015 and "Thirty Nine Years," a song he wrote after he and his wife celebrated their thirty-ninth wedding anniversary July of 2015. Michael's song "The Story doesn't End Here" from this album was selected as one of the Top 25 Local Original Songs of 2015 by the Reno Gazette Journal. This album was mixed and mastered at MetroSonic Studios in Brooklyn and we are thrilled for the initial success.


Michael Stosic -

Michael Stosic

Michael's new R&B/Pop/Adult Contemporary album;

Featuring "Backstreet Dancer", "Easy Come Easy Go", "Can't Run From Love", "If You Ever Change Your Mind."

A great album from start to finish!

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