A Symphony of Praise (volume 1)

This is Michael's first album release of 2019. LIstener's will respond enthusiastically to this unique album as Michael Richard Stosic has blended a virtual symphonic orchestra with his pop/rock rhythm section to create a rich, distinct sound. You will hear the "joyful noise" of a complete horn and woodwind section, and the gentle, yet compelling depth of a complete string section. This musical arrangement underscores Michael's faith-filled vocals for a powerful, spiritual listening experience.

You'll hear the songs, Build My Life, Holy Spirit, How He Loves, Jesus Loves Me, Home and Revelation Song in this wonderful orchestration.

The Singers Bible eBook - A vocal instruction guide to better singing.

Professional singers and beginners alike will find helpful information in The Singers Bible, a vocal instruction e-book covering the basics for good vocal production. With sections dedicated to breathing, voice production, vocal problems and basic music theory. It’s a great tool for anyone interested in the mechanics of proper vocal technique. Click on any of the links below to get your copy today.

I Believe

Michael Stosic's new Country Gospel album "I Believe" featuring his hit singles "I Believe (Gospel Remix)" with Gordon Chambers, "Gospel Train", "He Will Reign Forever", "Teach My Children Well", his wedding song "This Is The Day", a Gospel rock song "Lead Me To The Rock", a Gospel Country song "On The Wings of Love", "Remember The Cross" and his hit song "He's Alive" a song Michael wrote about the Passion of Christ as seen through the eyes of Mary Magdalene. All songs were written by Michael Stosic.

Welcome Home

This is Michael's adult contemporary / inspirational country album, including "Walk The Walk," "San Juan Island," "Welcome Home," Thirty-Nine Years" and "I Believe."

Per Mark Webers music blog "this is adult contemporary / inspirational country music at it's finest."


One Heart One Voice

From Michael's many journeys to Zimbabwe he wrote this album for his dear friends there, featuring his hit single "One Heart One Voice," "Bless This Land Africa" and "His Love Endures Forever."

On That Day

Michael Stosic's new single for those who have lost loved ones... a song of hope...On That Day.

Remember The Cross

From 2006 Michael's single "Remember The Cross" debuted at #56 in the Gospel Music Top 100 Chart. Includes "Open The Eyes of My Heart," "Amazed," "Lead Me To The Rock" and "Friend of God.”