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Michael Stosic Releases New Album "The Foot of the Cross"

Contemporary Christian Singer, Songwriter, Independent Recording Artist and Worship Leader Michael Stosic, from Reno, Nevada, has just released his new album 'The Foot of the Cross'. The uplifting and inspiring album features ten new original songs by Michael, with messages of hope and love as we go along life's journey together.

The first single from the new album 'On That Day' is a song Michael wrote about the loved ones he's lost along the way, his daughter Georgia and his father. It is a song about his Christian faith and hope that on that day (of his final breath) he'll be reunited with them and all his family and friends who have gone before him. It is also a call to make sure you tell the ones you love now that you love them as none of us are guaranteed tomorrow.

"It’s something that we need to hear as a collective = specially when today’s world is so fast paced that so many people can’t help but feeling like they don’t have the time or energy to catch up with their loved ones, when they should absolutely make the time. It rings true, that even though most of us know who it is that we can truly count on in times of need, we often forget to tell them how important they are to us while they are still here."

That is the overall message the experienced Christian singer-songwriter wishes to pass on with his perspective shifting 'On That Day' - because if there’s one thing Michael seems to understand very well, is that time waits for no-one.

Delivered in an unexpectedly vibrant and uplifting tone, this single speaks of what can be naturally painful subjects to most - such as the loss of our dearest ones to be more specific, but it also acknowledges that there will be a day when we will all be reunited again. Having experienced the loss of his own father and his daughter Georgia, you can’t help but to admire Stosic’s stance because rather than singing in despair, what he does is the absolute opposite, as he inspires from a place of love and hope.

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Michael Stosic – On That Day

Stosic’s upcoming single ‘On That Day’ couldn’t have come at a more crucial time than this:

It’s something that we need to hear as a collective – specially when today’s world is so fast paced that so many people can’t help but feeling like they don’t have the time or energy to catch up with their loved ones, when they should absolutely make the time. 

It rings true, that even though most of us know who it is that we can truly count on in times of need, we often forget to tell them how important they are to us while they are still here. That is the overall message the experienced Christian singer-songwriter wishes to pass on with his perspective shifting ’On  That Day’ – because if there’s one thing Michael seems to understand very well, is that time waits for no-one. 

Delivered in an unexpectedly vibrant and uplifting tone, this single speaks of what can be naturally painful subjects to most – such as the loss of our dearest ones to be more specific, but it also acknowledges that there will be a day when we will all be reunited again. 

Having experienced the loss of his own father and his daughter Georgia, you can’t help but to admire Stosic’s stance because rather than singing in despair, what he does is the absolute opposite, as he inspires from a place of love and hope. 

Taken from his upcoming Contemporary Christian album called The Foot of the Cross, the single is scheduled for release on Monday, October 22nd, while the album itself will be available on November 1, 2018, both on the usual digital platforms iTunes and Amazon, and also on demand for CD purchases.

Teach My Children Well at #7 in Top 100 Christian Songs for the Week

Gospel Train at #3 in the Top 100 Christian Songs

Michael Stosic's song "He's Alive" Hits #1

Michael Stosic Releases His New Album "I Believe"

Michael Stosic Releases Inspirational Country/Gospel Album 'I Believe'

Album Cover I Believe

Michael Stosic, a Christian, Gospel and Inspirational Country Singer, Songwriter and Worship Leader from Reno, Nevada, has just released his new album 'I Believe', on February 12th, featuring ten original songs penned by Michael.

"The album starts out with a Gospel style song, the title song, that builds to a crescendo at the end with help from Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter Gordon Chambers who put together a beautiful Gospel Choir to accompany me", explains Michael.

The next song 'Gospel Train' is a high energy song which includes an amazing fiddle player, Ben Wilborn. It's a song Michael wrote about this train that goes around the country from city to city, spreading the news of salvation. This song was released as a single last May and was picked up by over 1,900 radio stations world-wide.

Michael's new single 'He Will Reign Forever' is up next and is a Country Gospel song with Ben on fiddle and back-up vocals by the lovely and very talented singer Lacey Mattison.

The single debuted at #19 in both the Top 20 Christian Download Chart and at #19 in the Top 20 Christian Stream Chart through Daily Play MPE radio distributors.

The album has a song about the importance of teaching our children about God, called 'Teach My Children Well,' a beautiful wedding song Michael wrote for his sister-in-law 'This Is The Day,' a very lively Country Gospel Rock song 'Lead Me To The Rock,' a moving Inspirational Country song 'On The Wings of Love,' that talks about soaring like an eagle through trials we all go through as we keep our eyes focused on Christ.

Focusing on the cross with 'Remember The Cross' and completing the album with Michael's powerful song 'He's Alive,' a song he wrote about the Passion of Christ as seen through the eyes of Mary Magdalene.

The album is available on iTunes, Spotify and CD Baby.

Michael Stosic Releases his new single "He Will Reign Forever"

Michael Stosic Releases Latest Single

'He Will Reign Forever' Feb 06 2018

Michael Stosic, a Christian, Gospel and Inspirational Country Singer, Songwriter and worship leader from Reno, Nevada, has just released his first single of 2018 to radio, 'He Will Reign Forever'. Last year Michael re-released his emotionally charged adult contemporary album 'Welcome Home' to great reviews after re-recording, remixing and remastering it, featuring his first single 'San Juan Island'.

Discussing the song Michael said, "I wrote this song out of my study in the book of Revelation coming from the Apostle John. Chapter 14 verse 2 says, 'and I heard a sound from heaven like the roar of mighty ocean waves or the rolling of loud thunder. It was like the sound of many harpists playing together. This great choir sang a wonder new song in front of the throne of God.'"

Michael has had a heart for the homeless for many years. He sings every Thursday for the homeless and working poor in his hometown of Reno, when in town, at Barbara Bennett Park where he has worked with a group called Loaves and Fishes since 2014. They put on a complete church service for the homeless where Michael leads worship for them, and then they feed the people a hot meal. Michael is also doing worship sets at the Nevada House of Prayer every Wednesday and Friday evenings through the end of March 2018.

Michael Stosic entered into the Gospel/Christian music world in 1986 when he wrote and recorded his first Contemporary Christian album titled 'Brand New Love', which became an instant hit with listeners on the West Coast due to play in Seattle Washington from Spirit 105.3FM KCMS Radio. Three of Michael's songs from that album were entered into the Christian Artists International Songwriting Competition and all three songs finished in the Top 10. Then Michael's song 'Surrender' won the KCMS Peoples Choice awards with a listening audience of 900,000 people in Seattle. Michael was then selected as one of the Top 16 New Christian Artists in the Country by Praise Ministries in Los Angeles.

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Singer of ‘San Juan Island’ releases new single

  • Wed Nov 22nd, 2017 7:00am
Contributed photo/

Contributed photo/

Michael Stosic of the song “San Juan Island,” released his new single, “The Best Gift,” which is a Christmas song.

Stosic, a Nevada native, is an adult contemporary Christian and inspirational country recording artist/singer/songwriter. He was nominated for the 2017 New Music Awards as AC New Artist of the Year by New Music Weekly Magazine. According to a press release, nearly 2,200 radio stations around the world downloaded “San Juan Island” for airplay. The “San Juan Island” music video was also shown at the Friday Harbor Film Festival. Watch the video, at For more info, visit



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Top 10 Adult Contemporary-Charting Michael Stosic Releases 

“The Best Gift” Christmas Song on October 31, 2017


For Immediate Release:


RENO, NV – October 31, 2017: Today, popular recording artist Michael Stosic – who in September shared Top 10 Adult Contemporary chart spots with Kelly Clarkson, Pat Benatar and The Rolling Stones – proudly releases his new single, “The Best Gift. The song will be distributed to Adult Contemporary Christian, Country and Adult Contemporary radio stations via Play MPE in the US and Canada. Listen to the song here


Stosic is an Adult Contemporary Christian and Inspirational Country recording artist/singer/songwriter. He was nominated for the 2017 New Music Awards as AC New Artist of the Year by New Music Weekly Magazine.With an acoustic style said to be reminiscent of James Taylor or Joni Mitchell, Michael started his musical career with a self-titled album featuring songs written by Boz Scaggs’ musical director Scott Shelley. That album featured players from Blood Sweat and Tears, Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen, and Melissa Manchester’s and Englebert Humperdinck's bands. You can read Michael’s bio here


The Best Gift is Michael’s new Christmas song. He says, “There is so much excitement during the holiday season about exchanging gifts and wondering what we might get. But the point of this song is that in my opinion, the best Christmas gift is the one our Father in heaven gave us all: The gift of salvation through his Son Jesus Christ.


Stosic has recently seen much success in the music world. On June 30th, Michael re-released his emotionally charged Adult Contemporary album "Welcome Home" to great reviews after re-recording, remixing and remastering it. It features his single "San Juan Island."  The song was released to radio July 25th. 

Nearly 2,200 radio stations around the world downloaded San Juan Island for airplay. The single debuted at #5 on July 31st and rose to #3 on the Top 10 Adult Contemporary Chart on Daily Play MPE for radio on September 11th. It was in the Top 10 for four weeks, alongside such artists as Kelly Clarkson, Pat Benatar, The Rolling Stones, Joan Jett, Hanson and Amy Jack. The "San Juan Island" music video was accepted for entry in the Friday Harbor Film Festival, will be featured November 3rd-4th, 2017, and can be seen on YouTube here

Additionally, Michael charted four of his songs in the Christian Top 20 this year. These include I Believe, He’s Alive, Gospel Train and Teach My Children Well, which hit on #5 on June 18th

As a devout Christian, Michael has gained much notoriety on social media. His Twitter following is now at 25.2K, his YouTube views are at 1,106,600, and he currently has 3,163 SoundCloud followers. He sings for 150-200 homeless people every week at Barbara Bennett Park in his hometown of Reno, NV.

For an interview with Michael Stosic or more information on “The Best Gift,” contact Jill Beaverson at or 314-281-4458.

Michael Stosic's Music Video "San Juan Island" in the Friday Harbor Film Festival

Friday Harbor Film Festival Updates

  • Saturday, 16 September 2017 18:06

Press Release: Friday Harbor Film Festival "Stories of the Pacific Rim & Beyond"  takes place November 3, 4, and 5.  Here's the latest information on the event. 

John Hopkins, director of "Bluefin", will be attending the Friday Harbor Film Festival and will be doing a Q&A. He says, ”It looks to be just a great festival. I heard many good things about it from my screening in Salts Spring Island Fest. And I think my doc has an important message to share and insights to those who care about the sea and its wildlife and our precarious relationship to this cycle of life. I would like to speak about how we are socialized to really not understand what happens in our oceans. And why it is so difficult really look deeper into we can't see, being covered in water. I am off to the UK next week.”

Bluefin has been nominated for Best Feature Documentary out of 7,500 international submissions in all categories.

A Good American, nominated as best documentary feature at multiple film festivals, including festivals in Palm Springs, Cleveland, and Nashville will be shown at FHFF. An eye-opening and deeply disturbing documentary, "A Good American" tells the complete story of a groundbreaking, very sophisticated surveillance program – known as “ThinThread” — that was intended to gather data capable of providing clues, in real time, of potential terrorist threats.

Diane Roark, who formally worked with the NSA, is attending to speak to “A Good American” per the director's suggestion.

"Resilience" dives into the science of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and the birth of a new movement to treat and prevent Toxic Stress. Now understood to be one of the leading causes of everything from heart disease and cancer to substance abuse and depression, extremely stressful experiences in childhood can alter brain development and have lifelong effects on health and behavior.

With the help of San Juan County Health and Community Services department and other mental health professionals we should be able to have a meaningful panel discussion after both screenings of this important film. 

Michael Stosic’s music video San Juan Island, filmed and produced by Tom Cogan, will be a part of the FHFF this year and we are very excited to let you know his song San Juan Island was released to radio around the United States and Canada July 25th and we just found out Monday his song is currently #3 on the Adult Contemporary Top 10 radio chart.

Review of Michael Stosic's Welcome Home

To be honest, Michael Stosic’s latest material couldn’t sound better if he tried! When compared to the original, his re-work of an already impressive “Welcome Home” album sounds every bit the future award winning album that it strives to be!

Soon to hit the airwaves, its bright melodies and inspiring songwriting make for a great listen any time of the day. Watch your mood brighten up as you sit back and listen to the invigorating soundscape available here:

“Walk The Walk” kicks the album off in great fashion, true Americana style… Of course this is a Gospel album but if there’s one thing it is not, is boring. Spirits are kept high throughout, with plenty of heartwarming melodies such as “San Juan Island” which at times resembles the Brazilian bossanova genre a little. “The Story Doesn’t End Here” offers a more classic approach which is blended with a blues style arrangement as Michael sings with style and confidence, prompting you to enjoy the moment and dance all night with fast-paced rhythms, and a treat of a vocal performance to guide your steps!

The title track “Welcome Home” then takes you on a more emotional ride as Michael confesses “I wish I was there to wipe all of your tears / Hold you and calm you from all of your fears / Don’t worry at all about me, You know I am home”

Peaking at 10 songs, there’s much more for you to explore in this amazing re-release. A stroke of genius perhaps? More than likely. This re-release has been refined with great craft and attention to detail.

“Welcome Home” reaches deep within you and even though it is somewhat commercially minded, it allows you to ponder and observe from a place of engagement and fun. Probably worthy of a coliseum concert I’d say… give it a listen!


Oddfuse Magazine reviews Michael Stosic's Welcome Home

Michael Stosic – Welcome Home

Michael Stosic – Welcome Home

What does one do, when things aren’t going so well, and the world feels like its caving in on you? The answer is very simple – You put on some Michael Stosic and forget about the world and its problems, as your attention turns to blessings and your mood immediately brightens up!

Yep, it’s true. Michael is the type of artist that will invariably affect your mood for the better. His latest release, which is actually a re-release, is titled “Welcome Home” and is perhaps the medicine that the doctor just ordered. Lively, sociable and deeply satisfying are some of the traits that jump to mind when you fully listen to it.

The album has also been re-recorded, remixed and remastered, and we must say that it is sounding like a million bucks. 10x better overall quality than its original release (which we’ve had a chance to listen to a while back), Michael enhanced what was already a pretty amazing piece of work and completely took it to the next level!

“Throughout the Mixing and Mastering process one thing about Michael became more and more evident: he pours all of his passion into his music. With songs about losing loved ones, the bond between his, and the horrible events that took place at the Emmanuel Methodist Church in Charleston, South Carolina; Michael has truly put all of his emotion and heart into this album.”

There’s many highlights in this album such as the seemingly Motown influenced “The Story Doesn’t End Here”, the title track “Welcome Home”, the insightful singles “The Least of These” which is my favourite, and “Father Forgive me” amongst others.

Apparently this album will be going out to radio very soon, which is not really a surprise as Michael Stosic’s music is definitely radio ready. Specially this re-worked album as it captures the essence of Michael’s music, artistry and soul with great vibes, inspiring lyrics as always and a much more professional delivery and overall sound!

It’s 9 a out 10 for us!


Bel7Infos Magazine from France

Michael Stosic infos

Michael Stosic

michael soisic

Artist & Humanitarian Michael Stosic is well on his way…….

Michael Stosic’s musical career began back in 1986 in the Gospel music world when he recorded his first Contemporary Christian album titled “Brand New Love”, which became an instant hit with listeners in the USA. Soon after the release of his debut album, Stosic’s second album “Symphony of Praise” reached listeners in 118 other countries! The success & response to Stosic’s songs in the Christian music world became evident to him after the release of his third studio album “Psalms of the Heart” in 1992, where he started receiving letters and phone calls from fans across America who praised him for his masterful creations.

A decade after the release “Psalms of the Heart”, Stosic was invited to Zimbabwe to participate in concerts for the native people; touring the land & making a stop to sing for children at an orphanage. Upon returning back home to the United States, he was saddened to receive a call from the pastor running the orphanage informing him that 3 of the children he had interacted with had passed away from malnutrition. Overwhelmed by the heaviness of the news, Michael decided to get more involved with the country of Zimbabwe & the children that live there. He teamed up with the Indiana based non-profit organization Feed The Nations and The River Christian Church in Reno & with their help he took part in getting a shipment of 286,000 meals sent to Zimbabwe for the people in need. Much success continued to follow Stosic on his musical journey throughout the years.

This May, Stosic released his tenth Gospel album called “Gospel Train” which includes his hit singles “I Believe” & “He’s Alive”  through the the assistance of renowned celebrity publicist Danie Cortese @ . “Stosic is one of the most talented & giving individuals I’ve had the pleasure of promoting. I forecast big things for him.” says Cortese. Be sure to visit him soon, he’d love to hear from you!

Michael Stosic's Gospel Train Review


Michael Stosic – Gospel Train


“Gospel Train” is the latest release by acclaimed Gospel singer-songwriter Michael Stosic, who just had the most unbelievable year in 2016, having been nominated for the highly coveted “New Music Weekly Magazine 2017 New Music Awards” as the AC New Music Artist of The Year!

The album is a superb collection of new material from Michael, touching upon subjects of Life, Devotion to the Holy Spirit and Love. It starts off unexpectedly, with the high energy “Gospel Train” which is followed by the inspiringly positive “He Will Reign Forever”. “Teach My Children Well” is perhaps one of my favourite songs in the album and is perhaps the lane that suits Michael best – musically. It is a sort of emotional ballad, dedicated to Michael’s offspring but also relatable to anyone who has children, little siblings or little cousins as Michael really advocates love for the little ones.

Michael is a caring person, not just in music but also in real life, as he is heavily involved with not for profit organisations such as “Feed The Nations,” in a bid to tackle the hunger in Zimbabwe for the people in need… That alone separates Michael from the common man – he is really out there trying to make a change!

Back to the album though, “This is The Day” offers another emotionally charged delivery, with joyous, bright lyrics to soothe your inner fire. A song which transmits relaxation and a grounded sense of security, followed by the edgier “Lead Me To The Rock” – a short american rock Gospel gem, which gives way to the bubbly “On The Wings Of Love”.

The stylish “Bridge of Hope”, the introspective “Remember The Cross” and He’s Alive” followed by the amazing “I Believe” (Gospel Remix) – close the incredibly important album “Gospel Train” from this talented, caring and selfless Gospel artist. We want more Michael… Spread the word!


Michael Stosic Gospel Train Review


Michael Stosic


Michael Stosic’s latest album is a Gospel dream for those who enjoy this kind of music. Released last month, it is titled “Gospel Train”, and here is everything you need to know about it!

The album is 10 tracks long and it features a number of styles which stem from “Gospel Rock”, with an added personal touch by the very talented singer-songwriter. The title track “Gospel Train”, kicks off this great piece with style and charisma, setting the pace for what’s to come, as wild guitar riffs and nurturing lyrics, will get you in the mood for air-guitar moves and some serious head swinging!  “He Will Reign Forever” will help you to relax into this album, while “Teach My Children” will surely feel like a highlight.

… Other personal highlights include the revealing “This Is The Day”, the flamboyant “Lead Me To Rock”, the  thoughtful “Bridge of Hope” and my personal favourite “He’s Alive”.

Coming off the back off a pretty accomplished album titled “Welcome Home”, Michael Stosic’s  “Gospel Train” is well poised, to surpass its previous effort, while elevating Michael’s music and career to new heights!

Aside from his music projects, the artist is also involved in humanitarian causes in Zimbabwe, through non-profit organisation Feed The Nations and The River Christian Church in Reno both of which are determined to put a stop to children hunger and suffering… So not only he talks the talk, but Michael also walks the walk. The album is simply great too! A true ambassador for Christ who revels in his mission to bring in light and love to the world. Respect!



Michael Stosic 2017 AC New Artist of the Year Nomination

Radio Hits      NRH


January 31st, 2017

New Music Weekly magazine has announced the nominations for the 2017 New Music Awards (NMAs). The leading radio publication has honored recording artists, radio stations. Programmers and industry professionals. Music fans has a hand in the nominations via their votes and can now assist in the final outcome through their vote participation on the magazine’s website. New Music Weekly is now in pre-production for their annual Country Radio Seminar and NMA issue and will be on-sight at the event as well. Nominees are encouraged to rally subscribers and fans to turn nominations into wins by casting their votes at the New Music Weekly’s website at Contact New Music Weekly for special CRS and NMA advertising rates.
(Photo: Alessia Cara)

The 2017 NMA Nominees are . . .

AC New Artist of the Year
Dan Thompson
John Ratliff
Jon Bellion
Justine Dorsey
Leslie Becker
Michael Stosic
Nial Horan
Renee Zawawi
Tony Clarke

AC Single of the Year
“Happy Hour” Renee Zawawi
“Hello” Adele
“Here” Alessia Cara
“Love Yourself” Justin Bieber
“Oh How It Hurts” Brandy Moss Scott
“Stitches” Shawn Mendes
“Ten Thousand More” Dianne Meinke

AC Male Artist of the Year
Andy Grammer
Jimmy White
Justin Bieber
Shawn Mendes

AC Female Artist of the Year
Alessia Cara
Ariana Grande
Brandy Moss Scott
Dianne Meinke
Eileen Carey

Reno Tahoe Tonight


Michael Stosic

Michael Stosic is a Reno gem. He's been creating music in the Sierra Nevada since 1986 when he released his first gospel album "Brand New Love." His musical chops and experience are impressive. He is a multi-instrumentalist, a patient studio musician and a brilliant songwriter who embodies a nostalgic 1970's vibe.

After writing and recording seven studio albums, Stosic thought he might not have anything left to say. When his father died earlier this year, he and his mother were left emotionally broken. Stosic said seeing his mother grieve over her spouse of 68 years inspired him to write a song for her. It's a message from his father telling her that he is home and they will meet again.

"Welcome Home" is the title track of his newest album. It eases in with violin melodies and soft guitars. You're sent to a swanky lounge in the seventies - a mixture of the familiar and serene. It was mixed and mastered by Pete Mignola, owner of MetroSonic Studios in Brooklyn and the audio engineer of Good Morning America.

"The album is different for me," Stosic said. "On this album several of the songs can cross over from one genre to another." His last album explored R&B while the majority of his work is Gospel. He adds a freshness to Christian music. The quality of his compositions and production enhance sentiments of the Bible that can sound stale on the radio.

"Father Forgive Them" is a prayer about the Charleston church massacre in 2015. The song fights to be positive, but is consistently pulled down by content and chord changes. It showcases Stosic's singing ability. The horns and violin dance around his strong and metallic voice. The tone is reminiscent of the singer-songwriter Gordon Lightfoot. The end features slamming toms and heavy splash cymbals.

His album creates a timeline of American music. It twists from smooth rock, fifties swing to upbeat country. Stosic calls it inspirational country/ adult contemporary. The violin is a welcome addition from past albums. It enhances the mood and ties the morphing genres of music.

"Ben Wilborn did such a great job with the violin that we only had him play lead guitar on one of the ten songs," Stosic said. "It was the violin that made the album more of a country album, and I honestly love this new sound for me."

He always writes his lyrics first. He says he doesn't just hear the future meloday as he writes, but the finished production and instrumentation.

He recorded this collection in his home studio in Reno. The tracks are vignettes about Stosic's favorite towns, his wife, his faith and family.

His most vivid memory from recording the album was doing his final vocals for "One Last Song." He wrote it as a response to the title track from his mother to his father. "I just broke down and started sobbing uncontrollably knowing what I was singing about," Stosic said.

The tone of the music and lyrical content are seeped with emotion. Even when the content is painful, the music is rich and welcoming.

Another track "I Believe" will be released as a stand-alone single featuring Gordon Chambers who has worked with The Isley Brothers, Whitney Houston and Beyonce. The song is an optimistic and catchy religious testimonial with a twist. The last chords of the chorus are unexpected and ornamental. The vocals will be backed by a gospel choir.

The album transitions from the spiritual to the personal and back again. Stosic writes about his grandchildren in "Son of My Daughter." The song features two different rhyming choruses that skillfully reference the daughter of his son and the son of his daughter. It is reminiscent of Paul McCartney's solo work in both the loving content and beautiful simplicity.

Stosic is playing his new album during a two hour acoustic set at The Jungle on September 9. It will be his first time playing at the Reno Coffee bar.

"I'm very excited to be in front of people again," Stosic said. Especially to share this new music with them."

His music lives to be in front of people. His talent is matched by his tenacity and work ethic. He has been on radio stations across America and his songs have been played in more than 118 countries.

His new album is sincere and sweet. It tells stories and confesses faith. It is new for him and reflective for music fans. It harbors musical passion that many long for. Look no further, it's right in your hometown.

Gospel Music Fever

Home » CCM » Michael Stosic » Reviews » Singles » "I Believe (Gospel Remix)" - Michael Stosic feat. Gordon Chambers

"I Believe (Gospel Remix)" - Michael Stosic feat. Gordon Chambers

"I Believe (Gospel Remix)"
Michael Stosic feat. Gordon Chambers (2016)
Available at iTunes

By Libra Boyd
Gospel Music Fever

Singer/songwriter Michael Stosic has released a gospel-tinged remix of the Christian adult contemporary single, "I Believe."

In his self-penned tune, Stosic--whose voice has been compared to Barry Manilow--steadily and melodically makes his way through a lyrical list of affirmations, both positive and poignant: "I believe in God...I believe He is love... / I believe we live in a world filled with darkness / I believe we can shine love's light..."  His message is accentuated in the chorus, where Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter Gordon Chambers (Yolanda Adams, Beyoncé, Whitney Houston, Usher) chimes in on the lead vocals.  Background singers Rasul A-Salaam, Cassondra James Kellam, Helen White, and Monet Ulerio celestially echo Stosic and Chambers' sentiments: "I believe in love."

Odd Fuse

An artist whose career began in 1986 as he entered the Gospel music world with the release of “Brand New Love” (his debut solo album), Michael Stosic is back with a brand new effort, this time a remix of his own superb track “I Believe” with Grammy Award nominated singer-songwriter Gordon Chambers.

The song is an unwavering declaration of faith and devotion to God and Jesus Christ, performed beautifully by the experienced singer songwriter, who leads a group of gospel singers alongside Gordon, as they combine to take the release to new heights!

The production is light and crisp clear, and we can easily see it top the Spiritual and Gospel charts country-wide and perhaps internationally as well.

Stosic already has a steady following and a growing fanbase as much of his previous work has reached a wide range of listeners, to the point where the singer started receiving letters and phone calls from fans across America praising his previous work!

For those of you who like Gospel music, the song won’t disappoint and is sure to spark the holy flame within you as Michael delivers note after note of pure joy and love for us all to rejoice in. An absolute pleasure to listen to.

Between Gaps

“I Believe” is a divinely inspired single release, laced with lovely acoustic and string sounds, expressed passionately by God’s very own music soldier Michael Stosic.

The artist whose music career spans way back to the mid 80’s, has mainly been involved in the Gospel music world, singing and writing material that delivers the message of God while hoping to inspire and to touch the hearts of the people.

Lyrics such as “I believe in His Son, I believe that He came here to give me life, I believe in the Cross, I believe that He healed me by His stripes” – are powerful enough to engage the listener emotionally, while promoting blissfulness and peace within – highlighting Michael’s heartwarming songwriting abilities.

Having experienced significant recognition from the Gospel community over the years, “I Believe” is on track to propel Michael into new heights of appreciation and music success, setting up a promising road ahead for 2017 and beyond… fingers crossed!

Mark Weber Music Blog

Michael Stosic proclaims I Believe

Michael Stosic proclaims “I Believe” with his song–

I Believe

Words and Music by Michael Stosic © 2015

I believe in God
I believe He created the heavens and earth.
I believe He is Love.
I believe He knew me before my birth.
I believe we live in a world filled with darkness
I believe we can shine loves light.
This is what I believe.


I believe in His Son.
I believe that He came here to give me new life.
I believe in the cross.
I believe that He healed me by His stripes.
I believe I am saved because of forgiveness.
I believe there’s no greater love.
This is what I believe.


Do I walk in faith, do I walk in hope
Do I walk in love each stride.
Do I walk in mercy, do I walk in kindness
Do I walk by my brothers’ side.


I believe in love.
I believe that no matter our color of skin.
I believe we are one.
I believe that love and not hate will win.
I believe we should not repay evil for evil.
We will overcome evil with good.
This is what I believe.


I believe in love.
I believe in love.
I believe in love.
I believe in love.
This is what I believe.

Michael Stosic

Michael Stosic’s musical career began back in 1986 in the Gospel music world when he recorded his first Contemporary Christian album titled Brand New Love, which became an instant hit with listeners on the West Coast due to play from Spirit 105.3FM KCMS Radio. Soon after the release of his debut album, Stosic’s second album, Symphony of Praise, reached listeners all across America and 118 other countries including Communist China. The success and response to Michael Stosic’s songs in the Christian music world became evident to him after the release of his third studio album, Psalms of the Heart, in 1992, when he started receiving letters and phone calls from fans across America who gave him praise for his music.

Now, in November of 2016, Michael is promoting his new single entitled “I Believe” (Gospel Remix). Michael is joined by Grammy-Award nominated singer/songwriter Gordon Chambers on this powerful song with a stunning production by producer Pete Mignola of Metrosonic Studios in New York.


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Michael Stosic’s inspirational Country music

Michael Stosic

Michael Stosic’s voice reminds me of Barry Manilow. It’s clear, pleasant and warm sounding– the kind that makes women swoon and puts men at ease.

As a singer-songwriter from Reno, Nevada, Stosic manages to evoke the feel of the Western States with his latest release, Welcome Home. This is easy-listening inspirational Country music at its best. If you like the sound of the violin, get this album!

Michael Stosic got his career started in 1986 when he released a contemporary Christian album called Brand New Love.  His music received airplay on KCMS radio, followed by a second album, Symphony of Praise, which ended up reaching listeners in 119 countries.

Stosic’s life changed when he visited Zimbabwe several years ago. He sang there, meeting children from a local orphanage only to find out later on that three of them died from malnutrition after he left. Teaming up with Feed The Nations and The River Christian Church, Stosic devoted his time and energy to helping the starving kids of Zimbabwe. Imagine this: he helped ship some 286,000 meals to Zimbabwe. That’s a lot of food.

Besides having a heart for the poor of Africa, Stosic continued releasing albums, expanding his musical pallete with a fusion of R&B and “adult contemporary” sounds.

Now on his eighth studio album, Welcome Home, Michael Stosic shares his life experiences and perspective utilizing a Country beat on songs like “Thirty-Nine Years,” which is presumably about his long-lasting marriage.

Here’s a sample of his lyrics for “Thirty-Nine Years”…

“Well we sit by our pond, drink coffee every morning. Share the newspaper, read a story that is boring. Say a few words, get up and leave without a warning. We’ve been married thirty-nine years.”

I think dads and people of faith will especially feel a connection with Stosic’s songs.

Discover more about Michael Stosic at his website.

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New Michael Stosic Album Recalls Hall & Oates With Added Jazzy Touches

In these days of frivolous studio hooks, the lyrics are in danger of becoming a lost art. The best pop music tells a story, often utilizing the universal language of love. Singer/songwriter Michael Stosic is well aware of this, producing a smoothly crafted Adult Contemporary effort, a self-titled album that borrows liberally from ‘70s and ‘80s soul and R&B, jazz, and soft rock. Hall & Oates may have ironically become the toast of the indie scene of late, but it’s Stosic who really carries the flag of their influence.

“The way you look at me with your cold-black eyes/Why do I always have to melt inside?” laments Stosic on “Backstreet Dancer,” a moving tale of unrequited love. “Backstreet Dancer” encapsulates Stosic’s primary style – sleek, jazzy grooves enveloped by tasteful guitar and romantic sax. It is the stuff of AM radio gold, a throwback to a more innocent time in popular music. The break-up track “Easy Come Easy Go” achieves its melancholic power from its plaintive, mellow piano and Stosic’s warm croon, which is set in front of the mix.

The blue-eyed soul and ‘80s gloss of “If You Ever Change Your Mind” is another of the CD’s highlights, recalling the heyday of Hall & Oates. The light funk of “Can’t Say No” and sweeping beauty of “Be Easy Love” cuddle the heart, helping elevate this record to among the year’s finest.

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Singer/songwriter Michael Stosic balances jazzy funk with R&B and soul on new album
(Published: April 15, 2014)

Singer/songwriter Michael Stosic approaches music with such a tuneful ear that it may be difficult to hear the sharp craftsmanship involved.

Indeed, Stosic’s eponymous new album seems effortless in its delicate balance of pop hooks and real emotions. The songs are immaculately produced, given a studio polish that once defined AM radio in the ‘70s and ‘80s. Call Stosic “old school” if you wish but there’s much to be gained by learning from the lessons of veterans in the field.

The record sounds big; however, not in an excessive way – this isn’t Meat Loaf. “Backstreet Dancer” recalls the jazzy rock of Steely Dan albeit minus the cynicism. It is breezy and lightweight; however, the instrumentation is crisp and brimming with ice-cool grooves. “Can’t Say No” recalls Tower of Power with its horn-powered funk, and Stosic’s warm singing is reminiscent of Daryl Hall of Hall & Oates.

Stosic’s influences aren’t tough to uncover; nevertheless, that’s part of the album’s appeal. For aging music fans, it’s hard to find artists that echo the greatness of the legends. “Tell Me You Love Me” is infectious R&B that leaps from the speakers with its unbridled joy and soaring horns. The common saying, “They don’t make them like they used to,” can certainly be applied to much contemporary music, but Stosic is proof that there are exceptions.

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Michael Stosic Feature

Michael Stosic is from Reno, Nevada and has created a range of tracks that deftly take up the banners of adult contemporary, country, contemporary Christian music, pop and R&B. This means that listeners will be surprised each time Stosic cuts a new track. No matter how many twists and turns that Michael has in his composition, he possesses the skill necessary to create a cohesive sound that resonates loudly. Stosic has honed his sound over the course of nearly 30 years. His first album, Brand New Love, became a regional hit in the Pacific Northwest. Continuing to release music that was praise-heavy, Stosic became an international force as his second album, Symphony of Praise received considerable airplay in China. Continuing to build a worldwide level of fame, Stosic has set his gaze upon Africa. Through the last decade, Stosic has visited and has donated considerable amounts of time and funds to ensure that orphans in Zimbabwe have had the opportunity to eat.

At the beginning of this year, Stosic has released a new album to showcase some of his other interests – the pop and light rock of acts like Billy Joel and Chicago. Infusing each of the tracks on “Michael Stosic” with his own unique touch, the resulting 9-track album will have something for everyone. Of particular note on this release has to be the sizzling horn section, which grant tracks a fiery flavor that will stick with listeners long after the album has ceased.

Visit his domain at for the latest in information, photos, a store in which to purchase Stosic’s albums, and samples of a wide range of his music. For those hip to social media, his Twitter is and his Facebook can be located at . Make sure to pick up Stosic’s latest album or delve into his previous discography for some well-written music that is infectious while still presenting listeners with strong instrumentation and contemplative lyrics.

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Album Review

Michael Stosic - "Michael Stosic"

The indie approach of low-frills studio production has become clichéd and dull. Michael Stosic’s new self-titled album flips the pages back to a different aesthetic, when sounding slickly recorded and big wasn’t a crime against musical taste. For the most part, Stosic is channeling the ‘80s here, equal parts Hall & Oates-ish R&B and Bruce Hornsby heartland rock. For those old enough to recall Adult Contemporary radio during that era, Stosic’s music will strike a nostalgic chord.

On “Tell Me You Love Me,” Stosic’s soulful voice is beautifully captured by the sleek production; it’s as smooth as molasses. “Easy Come Easy Go” is gorgeously rendered adult pop, its acoustic prettiness blending effortlessly with the sublime piano. On “If You Ever Change Your Mind,” Stosic easily recalls Boz Scaggs while shimmering keyboards offer a transcendent uplift to “Can’t Run from Love.” Stosic has quite a voice, brimming with passion and real emotion. His silky crooning on “Be Easy Love” will have hearts melting.