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Music and Lyrics

Welcome Home

Michael Stosic
Michael Stosic


I wrote this song after losing my Dad on May 13, 2015. I wanted to tell anyone who has lost a parent or spouse or loved one, that although our heart aches they are fine and in fact are home and the separation is not forever. This is a song of hope for all of us who have lost someone special in our lives.



Welcome Home

Words and Music by Michael Stosic © 2015


When I’m gone, it’s all right to let me go

Though I know, it’s so hard right now.

And your heart, is aching you miss me I know

You’ll get through, this sadness somehow.

I wish I were there to wipe all of your tears

Hold you and calm you from all of your fears.

Don’t worry at all about me

You know I am home.


Always there, you never once left my side

You remained, always faithful to me.

You had hoped, I could stay and how hard you tried

But it just was my time to leave.

So just think of all of our great years together

You can hold on to those memories forever.

Your tears will then turn into joy

You know I am home.


You know it won’t always be like this

Just for a while we must part.

So live your life full right to the end

I’ll always be here in your heart.


So for now, you can call I’ll still be there

Even though you won’t feel my touch.

If you speak, to me quietly like in a prayer

You can feel that I loved you so much.

You can hear my voice in a song if you try.

Or see me in all of our children’s eyes.

Then one day you’ll come here to me.

With arms open wide,

and a great big smile

I’ll say welcome home.



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