Michael Richard Stosic

I Believe (Gospel Re-mix)

Michael Stosic
Michael Stosic


I Believe (Gospel Re-mix)

lyrics and music by - Michael Stosic (c) 2015

Produced by Pete Mignola

additional credits:

Michael Stosic - lead vocals, acoustic guitar & piano
Gordon Chambers - 2nd lead vocals & chorus
Pete Mignola - lead guitar, organ

Kris Stosic - drums
Ryan Impey - Drums
Choir vocals: Rasul A-Salaam, Cassondra James Kellam, Helen White, Monet Ulerio

Ben Wilborn - violin

Joe McKenna - bass

Dave Newman - percussion

Jim Garaventa - tenor sax

Larry Machado - trumpet

Recorded, mixed & mastered by Pete Mignola at Metrosonic Studios New York
Assisted by Chris Cancelliere, Adam Andrew and Ryan Impey


I Believe

Words and Music by Michael Stosic © 2015


I believe in God I believe He created the heavens and earth.

I believe He is Love. I believe He knew me before my birth.

I believe we live in a world filled with darkness I believe we can shine loves light.

This is what I believe.


I believe in His Son. I believe that He came here to give me new life.

I believe in the cross. I believe that He healed me by His stripes.

I believe I am saved because of forgiveness. I believe there’s no greater love.

This is what I believe.


Do I walk in faith, do I walk in hope, do I walk in love each stride.

Do I walk in mercy, do I walk in kindness do I walk by my brothers’ side.


I believe in love. I believe that no matter our color of skin.

I believe we are one. I believe that love and not hate will win.

I believe we should not repay evil for evil. We will overcome evil with good.

This is what I believe.


I believe in love. I believe in love.

I believe in love. I believe in love.

This is what I believe.